Animal Health Resources:

Mary, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner for the past 20 years, explains how her unique approach has helped hundreds of dogs and their people enjoy a greater quality of life in Grow Young with Your Dog. In addition to describing twelve basic hands-on exercises to do with your dog, Mary guides you through ten human exercises. These gentle exercises can reduce stiffness, stress, aches and poor posture, while enhancing your flexibility, balance and coordination. Find out more…

For a wealth of information about companion animal health and diet, find Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (4th Edition) in your local library or order online (CLICK HERE).

Animal Loss Grief Support Resources:

If you have not read Animals and the Afterlife, this book is the perfect place to begin your journey towards healing. Find out more about the book HERE. If you’d like to purchase the book for yourself or another dealing with the loss of a beloved animal, you will find the book in the Compassion Circle Shop.

Psychotherapists today are consistently helping grieving people experience a reconnection with someone who has passed away, resulting in healing deep sadness associated with grief. The method of inducing this experience, called “induced after-death communication” or IADC®, was discovered in 1995 by Dr. Allan L. Botkin, Psy.D. Find out more about this tool or Dr. Botkin’s book HERE.

For Companion Animal Loss Memorial Tokens Inspired by Quackers the dog, who is mentioned in Animals and the Afterlife, click here:

For more information on the Halton/Peel Pet Loss support Group in Canada, click here:

For custom buttons (which can be made with a photo of your beloved companion), contact AZ-ART – Azar Attura “Buttons for All Occasions” Box 41840, Arlington, VA 22204 (703) 920-8736 or Click Here

Visit Gina Deutman Bronzes for custom fine bronze memorial sculptures that serve as both display pieces and containers to hold your loved one’s ashes. To view Gina’s beautiful work and find out more, Click Here.

Mary Korst, a certified life coach and much more, offers guidance and grief coaching for those looking for peace after losing their beloved best friend. She offers email and chat support for those grieving and has a Grief Guide available from her website. Find out more at:

Teresa Wagner is a wonderful resource on your journey towards healing. To find out the ways Teresa can help, visit her website:

Barbara Meyers is a Certified Grief Therapist, Animal Behaviorist, Human-Animal Bond Consultant, Certified Bach & English Flower Consultant, and Animal Advocate. For additional information, or to contact Barbara for a consultation on loss and grief, anticipated loss, hospice care, behavior challenges, etc., click on the following link:  The other side of her practice is:

Lisa Shaw specializes in healing, grief counseling, memorializing animal companions through ritual and ceremony, and communicating with animals after they depart. For more information, click here: or

Download the Rainbow Bridge Poem.

For additional resources, visit:

Animal Communicators:

Please note that Kim Sheridan is not a professional animal communicator and does not do individual readings. The communications she receives are at random and not “on demand” like they would need to be for private sessions. Since the publication of “Animals and the Afterlife,” there have been so many animals and so much going on in Kim’s life that when she does receive communications, she has trouble differentiating who they are from. That being said, we believe a good professional animal communicator can be very helpful with the grieving process or help deepen the relationship you have with your companion animal. There are many qualified animal communicators out there. If you find one you are considering, it is helpful to ask for references to make sure they are reliable.

For a list of the animal communicators included in Kim’s book, please see below (most offer workshops in addition to private consultations). Most professional animal communicators offer telephone consultations, so it’s not necessary to find one in your local area if you are unable to do so. We do not have time to properly evaluate additional communicators right now. Thank you for understanding!

Listed Alphabetically:

Sharon Callahan (Mt. Shasta, CA)

Gail De Sciose is not currently in practice. Information on her will be listed if this changes.

Dawn Hayman (Clinton, New York)

Jeri Ryan (Oakland, CA)

Joanna Seere (New York, NY)
Please note: Joanna no longer offers Spirit sessions and now focuses her practice on spiritual healing work for animals.

Patty Summers (Evington, VA)

Tera Thomas (Pittsboro, NC)

Teresa Wagner (Central California)

Samantha Khury (Southern California)

Please note that the above animal communicators may be inundated with requests as a result of this list, so if they are unable to accommodate your request in a timely manner, it may be advisable to seek other animal communicators. There are many other reputable animal communicators not included on this list. We have only included animal communicators Kim has worked with directly (or via her associates) because she wants to make sure she can endorse them. HOWEVER, there are many other qualified professional animal communicators out there. If you find one that you’re considering, it’s helpful to ask for references to make sure they’re reliable. A good professional animal communicator can be very helpful with the grieving process.


Green Mush™ — Animal Health Supplement; Green Superfood for your four legged family members.

Compassion Circle — Dedicated to creating awareness and spreading compassion to all beings with whom we share this planet. Home of Vegepet, allowing you to prepare vegan meals for your beloved animal companions in your own kitchen!

EnLighthouse Entertainment — Making independent films that help make the world a better place.

FARM — Farm Animal Reform Movement

Farm Sanctuary — Rescue, Education & Advocacy

In Defense of Animals — Protecting the rights, welfare, and habitats of animals.

International Society for Animal Rights  — Law and education serving animals.

PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Vegan Animals — Completing the circle of compassion and accepting stories.

Shopping That Makes A Difference — Vote for compassion and sustainability with your dollars.