Kim Sheridan’s Interview on San Diego Insider

Upcoming Events:

Life in the Afterlife Conference
September 25-27, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ
Embassy Suites Hotel

We are very pleased to announce that Kim Sheridan will be a presenter at the 2015 Life in the Afterlife Conference! The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies will hold this conference in Scottsdale, AZ, September 25-27th, 2015. The conference will cover everything from pre-death visions, through transitions, to the realities of the spirit realm, and will include topics including, but not limited to, animals, pets, and reincarnation. This comprehensive look at the afterlife will be a wonderful experience not only for professionals in the grief and healing fields, but for us all. We all need to make peace with the death and transitions in our lives, and this conference will offer invaluable tools and knowledge to do just that. Please make plans to attend the conference if this resonates with you!

Find out more about the conference and presenters here:

Interview Archive

Kim’s most recent interview with Deb Ozarko is now available on Deb’s Unplug Podcast. Please check out this wonderful interview via Deb’s blog.

Find out more about Kim’s April 2015 interview with Kevin Cook and Heidi Hollins on The Kevin Cook Show HERE.

Kim’s interview with Jill Jackson on Connect Soul to Soul, presented as part of Shay Parker’s Best of the Best!, aired in mid-September on W4WN. To reach the interview archive, click here.

Kim spoke to Alijandra of Healing with the Rainbow Rays on USC Radio in late August. Kim and Alijandra covered a lot of ground in their 90 minute interview. We will post the archive link as soon as it is available!

Kim joined Pamela Edmunds on her Bridge Between Two Worlds radio show in June.
To listen to the archived show, Click Here.

Kim was the guest on Eldon Taylor’s radio show, Provocative Enlightenment in early June.
To listen to, or download, the archived show, visit the show’s website at: Provocative Enlightenment

Kim Sheridan was the closing speaker at Evolvepalooza in May of 2013. Her interview is titled “Top10 Secrets for Evolution of Body, Mind, and Spirit.”
To find out more, or sign up for VIP membership to receive transcipts and mp3s of the talks, CLICK HERE.

Kim Sheridan was the guest on The Bob Charles Show in March of 2013.
This interview is no longer available in the archives. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Veganpalooza is an amazing online seminar that took place July 11-15, 2012. Kim Sheridan, was one of the featured presenters at this wonderful event. Sign up for their archives, and learn from the experts about the many advantages (body, mind, and spirit) of a vegan (plant-based) diet. For more info, click here: Veganpalooza!

Kim was interviewed on Soul Revolution Radio in October of 2012.
Unfortunately, this archive is no longer available.

Kim has done countless other radio and T.V. interviews since 2003. The interviews that are still available will eventually be archived here.

Naomi Judd’s interview with Kim Sheridan is coming soon!